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Exercise 1

Let us make a quick review of the carpal bones.

As everybody knows, or at least should know, the proximal row is made up of (from radial to ulnar) the naviculare, lunate, triquetrum, and pisi- form bones.

Would you please read them in a correct manner?
It is likely you can read straightforwardly “naviculare”, “lunate” and “pi- siform”, but I guess that reading “triquetrum” could be a little bit harder. (Do not think that all Latin terms are as tricky as “triquetrum”, but bear in mind that Latin can be an ally with regard to reading and an enemy in terms of pronunciation even for those health care professionals whose na- tive language is based on Latin.)

Nb: When you look up a word in the dictionary, review not only its mean- ing but also both the phonetics and the spelling.