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Getting Information

How often? (A quelle fréquence?) ----> How often have you had these pains?
When? (Quand) ----> When did you have this operation?
How long ago? (Il y a combien de temps?) ----> How long ago did you stop smoking?
How long have you + past participle (Depuis quand …?) ----> How long have you been taken this medication?
Could you tell me?/ would you mind telling me? (Veuillez me dire) ----> Could you tell me if someone in your family has diabetes?
Can you…? (Pouvez-vous…?) ----> Can you bend your knee?
Would you like to….? (Veuillez…) ----> Would you like to sit down?
Have you ever…? (Avez-vous déjà…) ----> Have you ever been to Africa?
Where? (Où?) ----> Where does it hurt?
How? (comment?) ----> How do you feel now?
How…? (A quel degré) ----> How old are you?, How long have you had these symptoms?