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Punctuation, Capitalization Rules, Abbreviations

Punctuation for Slides
The good news is punctuation is limited when using bullet points.
* Put a period (.) at the end of a complete sentence (Subject - verb- object). If the phrase is not a complete sentence, no need for a period.
* Put a colon( :) to indicate a list. (There are three reasons :)
* Use -’s to indicate the possessor. Use –s’ when the possessor is plural.
* Use commas (,) to separate the items in a series. (eyes, nose, throat)
* Do not use contractions (don’t)

English Capitalization Rules
* For a title : The first letter of the first word of a title is capitalized as well as all other first letters of a title except the articles a, an, the and the small prepositions such as : at, in, to.
* Months, days, nationalities, and languages are capitalized.
* The first letter of each bullet point in a powerpoint presentation.

Since our languages are structured differently, the order of letters in an abbreviation often changes when moving from one language to another.
Examples :
ADN becomes DNA
SIDA becomes AIDS