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Publié par La Pharmacienne le 14-02-2009 22:38

Reading has to be considered the first step in the learning of a foreign language. Reading professional manuscripts is an essential task for everyone who wants to be informed, and medicine is a constantly changing environment where, unfortunately, being uninformed is extraordinarily simple.

Familiarity with some terms and grammatical structures will make articles easier to read and, therefore, allow you to get more accurate information. The goal in terms of reading would be to feel as comfortable with English papers as you are with those written in your native tongue.

In the beginning, reading out loud will be a troublesome task because there are a lot of words that, knowing their meaning and even their spelling, are very difficult to pronounce. As in many other aspects of life, two paths can be taken; the easy one is to avoid this demanding exercise and the difficult, and more profitable one, requires using the dictionary to look up not only the unknown words for their meaning but also the known ones for their pronunciation.