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Publié par La Pharmacienne le 14-02-2009 22:58

Take into account that the terminology is not so extensive in your specialty although it can seem unbearable at the beginning. As you continue with this exercise, words you cannot pronounce will decrease and you will be able to read medical papers in a straightforward manner. Remember to begin with that the only words that you will have to practice are those that belong to your specialty and are going to be used on a routine basis, and the colloquial words that we have included in this topic.

Listening is, probably, the most important skill to optimize. When we attend a conference, most of us will not ask any questions. Without talking you can get valuable information in a congress if you understand what speakers are saying. Even in our own language our capacity to understand is greater than our ability to talk. We can understand almost everything in a complex talk about an unknown subject about which we would be barely able to say a few sentences.